Sennheiser have improved the design features of their well known, premium bluetooth headset, the PRESENCE™ including a padded earhook for added comfort, extra long USB charging cable for maximum convenience and a redesigned carry case with soft storage. There is also a subtle colour change to grey but you'll still get the benefit of superb sound from what is a premium wireless Bluetooth® headset.


Excellence Refined

Introducing the new and improved Sennheiser PRESENCE™ - The ultimate bluetooth headset for mobile professionals 

Presence UC


Top Features:

  • A subtle colour facelift to enhance the overall design experience.
  • Even more comfortable with its new padded ear hook
  • Improved carry case to protect and store the headset
  • Longer charging cable
  • 3 noise-cancelling microphones 
  • WindSafe™ technology reduces wind noise


There are now just two models in the range; the Presence UC (Sennheiser now have just the single SKU for both the UC and Skype models) which will connect to a softphone as well as a mobile device via the additional dongle. It also has a carry case and is compatible across all UC platforms. The alternative Presence Business connects only to a mobile and comes with the ear sleeves, charge cable and ear hook.