• Be wary of products being offered at exceptionally low prices, they’re normally too good to be true!
  • If you are tempted to purchase from an on-line auction site, try to establish where the product is shipping from. Genuine Sennheiser and Plantronics products for example are not shipped from China!
  • Be suspicious of online dealers who offer products without any instruction manual.
  • Unprofessionally packaged products are a strong indication of counterfeiting. Cheap or damaged packaging, bizarre labelling or incorrect spelling are further indicators of product piracy.

In short, our advice would be to always purchase through an authorised dealer. People often go to great lengths to imitate the packaging and product design of branded equipment. So it may be difficult to detect a counterfeit at first glance. Buying through a recognised dealer means you can be sure that you will be getting the real deal, backed up by full customer service and warranty.