Using repaired headsets represents a clear risk to your business since neither the performance nor the safety of these products can be guaranteed.

Every headset sold within the EU must comply with strict European legislation covering product performance. If any component is changed then the original CE mark is no longer valid, meaning the product cannot be legally sold unless the CE mark is tested and applied for again by the company carrying out the repairs.

Acoustic Safety: European legislation is designed to safeguard headset users and now the majority of headsets include advanced acoustic shock protection to ensure loud sounds do not reach the users ears. If any changes are made during a repair this will reduce the effectiveness of headset protection and significantly increase the risk of acoustic shock.

Reliability: Many hidden features ensure a high level of reliability in headset products. Items such as strain reliefs on cables, the use of tinsel wire within cables, and gold plated contacts may go unseen but are all-important. Replacing any of these with sub-standard parts in order to save costs will actually result in a product with a lower level of reliability. Therefore, repaired headsets become a false economy. Lower reliability means you will need to purchase products more frequently.

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